G R O U P  K 1 6,  D I G I T A L  E X P R E S S I O N I S M

O n e  v i s i o n , o n e  s t a n d a r d

 A m p a r o  H i g ó n


Her parents convinced Amparo Higón (Valencia, 1958) that it would be difficult to earn a living as an artist, so instead of following her heart into Art and Design at the University of Valencia, she studied Psychology. She never stopped drawing and painting for pure enjoyment. Starting out with drawing and oil painting, she switched to digital painting in 2003. By 2015 she stands out as one of very few artists who have developed a personal style in vector painting. Although her work varies in themes and moods and alternates between abstract and figurative "to prevent getting bored with myself", it is easy to recognize her typical blend of reality and imagination. She also makes full use of the possibilities that have been opened by a rapprochement of photography and painting. Often in a fragmented setting of multiple planes, Higón's images are sometimes alienating, sometimes funny or bizar, always strong and original. 

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