G R O U P  K 1 6,  D I G I T A L  E X P E S S I O N I S M

O n e  v i s i o n ,  o n e  s t a n d a r d


Our carrier is ultra-thin, polyester with a light-weight aluminum frame for stretching and mounting at the back. It was developed by Delft Technical University and awarded a Red Dot Design award.


 It can be stretched and mounted like traditional canvas, or rolled up for transport. When the frame is clicked into a small plastic bracket, the painting floats about two centimeters off the wall without an ornamental  frame, which gives it a clean, crisp appearance. It can also be hung on a string.


The surface of the image is protected and rolled in a box, with its frame in three parts. It is light and easy to transport. The image can be changed while keeping the frame.